The power of our community

For less we forget; I am here to beat a steady drum when it comes to promoting the power of our community.  There are those who honestly feel that the special needs community probably does not have the power to help make differences.  I say a loud no to this sentiment.

We have shown time and again that through powerful petitioning, professional behaviour, constructive criticism, and all round level headedness, we can make a difference.

Our latest display of  community power came when we convinced the government of the day that there needed to be an accessible Canada Act and thanks to our community it is now legislation.

What I believe that we need to do is to keep on this track.  We need to build our strength in numbers.  We need to collaborate more, think more outside the box, and to keep on hammering to the rest of Canada that disability does not discriminate when it comes to taking victims!  In short, disability knows no bounds.  It does not care which age group it attacks.  It does not differentiate between gender, race, or ethnicity.

Just my two cents for today.

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