The new way of socializing

It seems to me that yes!  Such is the landscape now that face to face socializing may soon be a thing of the past.  Enter the worlds of emailing, texting, and chatting via Facebook, Twitter, and other similar types of social media.

The younger generation seems to have embraced this type of socializing with opened arms while the generation before them is still somewhat struggling to accept it and use it.  For me, it has been a learning curve and I can definitely see advantages for this new way of socializing but truth be told I still prefer the face to face way.

The other day one of the morning radio hosts on a radio station that I often listen to told the story that she only found out that her son was not feeling well when she read his tweet.  She was quite surprised given that she and her son were living in the same house.  My friend also told me that her niece would only accept texts from her and refuses to answer her phone calls.

Socializing via social media and texting may be faster and quicker but it sure isolates senders and receivers from each other.  Could this all mean then that the next generation would probably be made up of people who talk to each other via i devices and computers versus phones and face to face?  Could this mean then that our ability to speak the spoken language may be greatly affected?

Just my thoughts for today.

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