The innocence of kids

I don’t think that anyone could disagree too strenuously with me when I say the following:  Our kids start off being innocent and pure but it certainly does not last forever.

Some of them somehow manage to retain it well into adulthood.  Others probably lose it just before they turn the corner into adulthood while too many somehow lose it just before puberty.

Think of it!  The baby is born and before you know it they are smiling with those around them.  They are eager to play with anyone who interacts with them and before we know they are starting to follow our actions and examples.

Kids are quick learners and great imitators.  Show them something no more than twice and soon they begin to mimic you.  They are little sponges just waiting to soak up any and everything around them.

They are very good listeners.  They form their habits and opinions based on what they see and hear.  Then other influences begin to take over.  You soon find yourself competing for their attention and the new influencers compete hard for top position in the lives of your kids.

So what does all of this mean?  I guess that I am only trying to say this!  Kids are born innocent but it is us along with other influences and influencers that are responsible for taking it away from them.

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