The importance of telephone banking

We are living in a world that is becoming more of one where digital processes are governing how we think and how we do things.

All well and good but I humbly submit that whereas on the one hand this is goodness and progress we need to ensure that no one is left out of this evolution and that for those who for an assortment of reasons cannot fully participate in or take advantage of digitalisation, there will be safeguards put in place to ensure that they can keep up with technology.

Here is where I believe that telephone banking can continue to play a vital role for those who are unable to work in a digital world.

I am referring to those who believe it or not are unable to purchase a computer that will help them to gain online access because they simply cannot afford to have updated technology.

I am referring to those who use assistive or access technology to help them interact with the digital world and each time any tiny bit of evolution takes place it takes a very long time for said technology to make the necessary adjustments in order to keep up.

I am referring to those who need training in order to keep up and to those who do not even have access to internet connections in their area.

I am referring to those who continue to find it extremely difficult to communicate effectively with online facilities and websites due to a lack of accessibility and usability on the part of these.

Yes! We need telephone banking to remain in place until a stable and viable solution is found to accommodate these groups of persons as mentioned above and I’d like to commend the Royal Bank for having made sure that their telephone banking stays in place.

Just my two cents for today.

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