The Gift of love

I often wonder for me personally, what sort of gift would I want to leave to my loved ones if I had a choice?  Or rather I should be asking to whom would I want to leave my gift?

To my loved ones, to some worthy organizations, to whom?  It does not take me very long to make up my mind and my gift would be left to the kids now and forever.

To all the kids I know and those who I am yet to know!  To those who are here and those who will be joining us in the future!  I believe that the best gift that I can leave you is the gift of love.  One where I will lead by example!  To share, teach, and hope and dream for you!

I will share all of my life’s experiences with you.  I will teach you how to keep on fighting the good fight!  I will show you how to stand up for yourself but to do it in the proper way!  I will help you to understand that being a bully does not help!  It’s all about being able to and knowing how to use two very important words to open doors and windows.

These words are thanks and please.  Trust me when I tell you that these two words are very powerful ones and used in the right way they are the keys to your success and to a wonderful future.

This is my gift of love to you!  I hope you enjoy it well and use it accordingly.

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