The forgotten child

I would like to share a very interesting experience with you that took place in late November 2018.  It was a phone call between me and a caller who was calling on behalf of the Sick Kids Foundation.  She was soliciting for funds for the foundation.

As a regular monthly donor it is probably why I was on her list of people to call and when she did I gave her time to explain her reason for calling and then I asked this question as follows:

“Have you ever donated to a cause that would raise funds for the needs and requirements of children who are blind and vision impaired?”

The line went dead silent and then I decided to continue after a few seconds.  I told her that as a vision impaired person I felt that too many times when fund raisers called to solicit funds for the Sick Kids Foundation it always appeared that somehow no one ever called to solicit funds for kids who are blind and vision impaired or kids with special needs.

I continued by voicing my opinion that more needed to be done for blind and vision impaired kids.  That they were often left out or left behind and like any other kid they too would enjoy the toys, activities, and attention like every other kid.

I was quite surprised when this caller apologized and said that this was perfectly true.

Just my two cents for today.

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