The entitlement dilemma

There used to be a time when our kids possessed an attitude of working hard in order to earn a living and then pass on the fruits of their labour to their kids.  However, it appears that this philosophy has now been replaced with a very unhealthy sense of entitlement.  What am I getting at today?  It is this!

So many kids of today and even those who have entered into young adulthood seem to believe that they are entitled to whatever their parents have worked so very hard to earn and save.  For some reason there is an attitude amongst us today which portrays a perception that less work  is needed because the savings and investments of our parents are ours.  In short, no need to work too hard anymore in order to make a living.

I will state here that there are still many committed youngsters who do not possess this unhealthy attitude but the perception out here is that those who believe in entitlement is growing at very alarming rates.

Maybe it is the parents who should be taking a look in the mirror when considering why this entitlement dilemma has developed.  Maybe it is the parents who in their attempt to ensure that their kids have a better shot at a more lucrative future have unwittingly carried out certain actions that have spawned this dilemma.

Sure!  There is nothing absolutely wrong in wanting one’s kids to enjoy a better future but maybe we should be looking at a more balanced approach.  One where kids are given more important lessons on how to appreciate what parents are doing for them, how to better use the benefits that are being presented to them, and how to use these benefits to help provide more for their kids.

Or is it that we are living in a world of things such as me first, enjoy today and forget about tomorrow, and too many luxuries at any given time?

Just my two cents for today.

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