The challenges of online banking – persons being left out

It is my respectful opinion that when it comes to online banking, there are definitely two sides to this picture.

On the one side, we have the banks strongly encouraging their customers to take advantage of online banking because it enables customers to do their banking business more quickly from the comfort of their homes.  In addition, it gives banks the opportunity to lessen the load on their branches and to expand their services.  All well and good but here comes the other side.

First, online banking facilities are still very far away from presenting customers with disabilities with websites that are navigable and usable, and as a result this group of customers are unable to independently carry out their banking business and because of this they would need to depend on sighted assistance.  This is a direct infringement on the right to independence, confidentiality, and privacy.

Second, many seniors are not comfortable using online banking because they do not feel technically able to go online.

Third, there are many persons who do not own a credit card because their are unable to afford to have a credit card and would need to visit the branch to pay their bills.

Fourth, believe it or not; there are many who carry out purchases with cash so an online banking alternative would not be possible.

Fifth, then there are those who either cannot afford to own a computer or they do not have adequate Internet services in their area.

These are the plethora of customers who are being shut out because of online banking and I can only make a plea for banks to come up with some sort of alternative to meet their needs.

Just my two cents for today.

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