The bottlenecks in communicating and collaborating – we need to do a better job

This is one very concerning challenge that I have continued to identify over the past years and with the event of the pandemic I believe that this challenge seems to have gotten worse.  Especially so when it comes to Federal Government departments not being able to effectively communicate their information and messages to Canadians with disabilities.

It is simply not enough for Federal Government Departments to interact with organizational leaders.  Yes, the organizational leaders are at the various meetings listening and learning.  However, for some very  odd reason, they are simply not filtering down information and messages to their members.

I became very aware of this continued bottleneck when someone from a high profile agency told me this past week that the messages that were being passed from their agency to organizational leaders did not seem to be getting through to members.  Emails requesting feedback were not being responded to.

It is simply not enough for Governmental entities to pass on information to organization leaders or to just post to their websites.  As I like to say so often; these entities or any company for that matter need to get their messages, emails, and information right down to the troops on the ground.  In short, they need to ensure that the person on the street hear what they are saying.

Collaboration cannot take place unless the word is fully understood and this can only be accomplished if the person on the street is reached and is included.

Just my two cents for today.

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