Taking responsibility for words and actions

Too often, we say and do things before we take a moment to think about the consequences of them.  Then even if we do; we are often guilty of not taking responsibility for them.

Each time we say something we need to remember that someone is listening and each time we carry out an action someone sees what we are doing.  This is becoming more and more evident as videos and audios have become a part of our lives.

There used to be a time when i devices were just a blip on our technological screens but no more.  They are here and they are here to stay.  bystanders do not even pause to consider each time they decide to record an incident and this is good in the sense that it keeps the world in touch but in many cases it could be considered as bad when someone wishes not to have themselves recorded.

For better or for worse; whenever something is recorded it is extremely difficult to deny it.

Maybe this new way of keeping in touch and staying in touch would some day soon start to pay off in that we would realize that taking responsibility for our words and actions is no longer just up to us; others will be forcing us to do so by their recording what goes on around them.

Just my two cents for today.

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