Role models- thank God for them!

In my lifetime, I have always tried to choose role models whose initiatives and deeds I have applauded along the way.  At the top of my list would be my parents and my granny of course!  Three people who played a huge and significant part in helping me to identify myself, to develop my values, and to stand up for my principles and for the rights of the less fortunate and those unable to raise their voices because of either being afraid or not knowing how to go about doing it.

Over the years I have acquired several role models who have come into my life at different stages and I truly believe that like friends; some have come for a season, some for a reason, and some for life!

I have several role models who I have tried to emulate for the things that they have done that have been of interest to me and a passion for me and in order to keep my editorial within the bounds of brevity I will name just two.

First, Steve Jobs!  A man who managed to open up so many endless and boundless opportunities and possibilities for blind and vision impaired persons.  He did this through the development of his I devices, his Apple computers, and the accompanying software.

As I often say to those around me; each time we wake up on mornings and reach for our I device or Apple computer, we need to remember that this did not all appear like magic!  Steve Jobs had a vision and brought it to fruition!

Like Steve Jobs, I truly hope that before I leave this world, I too would manage to make a tiny difference to someone less fortunate.  Yes, I aspire for the stars but just one small stroke or deed from me to help the kids of the future would be enough for me.

My second role model is the late Chris Stark!  Someone who lead so many initiatives to help make a better Canada for Canadians with special needs and in so doing he also touched the lives of others beyond our borders!

I knew Chris personally for several years!  One of the humblest and most respectful persons that I have ever met.  He gave so selflessly and never asked for anything in return.  He motivated and encouraged me , and taught me so much when it came to how to advocate affectively and to collaborate in meaningful ways.

These are my role models for today.

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