Pre promises and pre determinants

I can honestly tell you that this is probably one of the most difficult editorials for me to write and why?  Because it gives me absolutely no satisfaction to express and share my thoughts!  It saddens and disappoints me and hopefully one day in the not too distant future these two barriers as I choose to denote them as will be something of the past.

However, I am not going to hope too much nor am I going to hold my breath for too long!  These are real and insurmountable barriers that have existed for so long and too long and can only be described as those who use them do so in order to satisfy such objectives as returning a favour, bowing to the wishes of friends, associates, and superiors, or simply shutting out others.

They are barriers of a cultural nature.  They are barriers that friends and associates use to protect their work territory and each other’s backs.  They are barriers that are almost impossible to overcome and ones that those using them will deny that they hide behind for self preservation.

For as long as I have been an advocate and have had the pleasure of working for some of Canada’s best and largest companies, I have taken no delight in being witness to so many instances when both Federal and Provincial companies along with entities that fall under their jurisdiction continue to erect barriers of pre promises and pre determinants when engaging in and carrying out job hiring processes.

Yes; the intention may be honest and transparent to hire the best applicant but when governments and entities deliberately erect barriers of pre promises and pre determinants in order to choose the pre chosen, this to me is not just sad; it is upsetting, disappointing, very concerning, and smacks loudly of a lack of transparency and accountability.

Just think for a moment!  An applicant is strongly encouraged by some high profile and influential associates to apply for a very important position and decides to do just that.  They spend hours and hours completing an application through the online portal which is extremely inaccessible and at the end of the day their almost entire world comes crashing down around them when they discover that barriers of pre promises and pre determination will prevent them from having a fair chance to be successful.

This is what may have taken place when a close friend of mine recently experienced the above.  This is what will continue as long as this unfair cultural practice is allowed to prevail and as long as this is the case one will find that good applicants will not waste time applying nor would they even take time to engage with those entities that find it necessary to shove accountability and transparency to the back burner.

Just my two cents for today.

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