Practising patience – a proven way to success

The world as we know it today is definitely not what it was as we knew it yesterday and it will not be the same tomorrow after this horrific pandemic is over.

I think that many will agree when I say that at this very difficult time, we are going to have to practise the art of patience and long after it is over this practise will need to be continued, refined, and perfected to ensure that we do not forget to protect and appreciate the commitment, dedication, and horrific price that our forefathers have had to pay in order to ensure that we can live to see better days.

Too many of us may think that there is not much chance of us being able to defeat this pandemic.  However we may want to consider the following quote.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

I’d like to suggest that we use this quote to help us practise our patience during this very difficult time.

For too often, we need to be reminded that our parents and grandparents and their family and friends paid with their lives to save us from  certain destruction.  This reminder should be kept uppermost in our minds each time we are about to lose our patience with our parents and/or grandparents.

Each time we find ourselves about to complain that our government is not doing enough to assist us in our hardships at this time, we need to remember that our parents and grandparents never complained when they were asked to endure tremendous suffering due to such things as acute food shortages, rampant diseases, and countless deaths and casualties during both World Wars.

Each time that we are about to complain that our financial resources are in jeopardy of being wiped out, we need to remember that our parents and grandparents had to bare heavy financial burdens with no assistance from their governments during the depression and during the World Wars.

Here is something that we can use to help keep ourselves in check.  Our parents and grandparents never grumbled and showed the world of patience when we needed to have our diapers changed.  When we needed to be fed at night and they had to be wakened from sleep to feed us.  When they had to sit for endless hours beside our beds whenever we were sick with high fevers and other childhood ailments.

We can use all of these examples and much more to help us practise our patience.  Let us help ourselves and those around us to develop better habits when it comes to the practise of patience.

Just my two cents for today.

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