Pages from a pandemic diary – through my lens

No one ever expected that this pandemic would last this long.  Over the past 18 months plus there is so much that I have learned, experienced, and witnessed.  I am going to share a few  pages of my pandemic diary.

Patience!  I have learned to develop and cultivate more patience and I have done this by listening more closely and carefully to those around me and finding ways to develop my patience.  This has come through my playing more chess games via email against wonderful folks in England, taking time to play my piano, and going out of my way to put myself in the shoes of others.

Perseverance!  I have certainly learned how to persevere more and not to give up too easily and quickly.  I have learned to develop ways to think more frequently outside the box.  I have learned to be more creative and innovative and to find work arounds whenever obstacles appear unexpectedly.

Passion!  I have learned to develop more passion for the persons and things that I care so deeply about.  This has probably been one of the hardest things for me to cope with during the pandemic but I have done my best to stick with it and to keep plugging away.

I continue to live in eternal hope!  To hope that some day in the very near future this pandemic will recede to the point where a new brand of normalcy will slip into our lives and that we will be able to start smiling and laughing more!

We must go on!  If not for ourselves but for our kids!  For each other and one another!  We need to look out for each other; not just ourselves!

Just my two cents for today.

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