Our new reality – a somewhat uncertain future

Covid-19 has managed to change the reality for persons with disabilities and now we need to adjust to some cold hard facts.  I am not trying to be a negative person here but I believe that if we keep the following in mind then it would be easier to identify challenges and to create possible solutions.  These are just my respectful thoughts for today and I do not wish to offend anyone so here goes.

Distance or virtual learning –

For students with special needs, it has to be ensured that access to online facilities are easy and navigable.  That apps are also made accessible and that devices are equipped with software that is user friendly and also has the appropriate access software to support whatever software that has been loaded on said devices and computers.  In addition, that consultation is held with accessibility designers and developers along with having accessibility support staff on hand to render assistance.

Social/physical distancing in circumstances of shopping  –

That persons with a disability have appropriate and easy access to support mechanisms that would enable them to do their shopping while adhering to the requirements of social/physical distancing.

Access to medical professionals –

That persons with a disability can have easy and ready access to medical professionals.  Video conferencing is not going to work for many persons with a disability but on the other hand it would work for others.

Access to online banking –

Banks need to be reminded that not every person with a disability has access to online banking and it is all because so many either cannot afford to have the equipment required to access online banking or that online facilities are not navigable or accessible.

Most important; for our seniors –

We need to respect their need to be treated with dignity.  To find ways for loved ones to be as close to them while adhering to social/physical distancing.  To go the extra mile to ensure that our seniors, especially those living in long term care homes maintain their dignity and a right to live.

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently stated: our seniors should not have to depend on soldiers to protect them.  It should be the regular health care worker.

Just my two cents for today.

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