One day in the land of hope – just a breath away

And this is exactly what I lived on August 18 when I treated my dear friend Gabriella to a belated birthday lunch.

The sun was shining oh so brightly!  The air was fresh and pure! And as we walked contentedly along the Marina in Pickering, I took  every opportunity to drink in my surroundings.

Kids were playing and laughing and calling to each other!  Birds were everywhere and singing so sweetly.  Lilly pads were floating in abundance on the lake and?  I was simply living in the land of hope for those precious moments!

A land where clouds floated by with no hesitation to and fro!  A land where kids simply enjoy the moment with no care in the world for what could happen next!  A land where Gabriella and I simply enjoyed each other’s company, chatted about any and everything, but most of all cherished the day and the yummy lunch.

Oh yes!  Living in the land of hope where one can only wish for Covid to soon become a thing of the past!

Just my two cents for today.

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