No longer afraid of the dark

With all of the accusations swirling around us these days and with Hollywood seemingly being much of the center of attention, the one thought that comes to mind is that we women are no longer afraid of the dark so to speak!

Finally and finally we are starting to speak out and speak up and as they say it’s never too late!  It is just a darn shame that it has taken so long for those women who have been affected and terrorized to finally break free of their chains of intimidation, uncertainty, and embarrassment.

For too long, women have allowed men to get away with such behaviour: locker room talk, sexual bullying, and sexual harassment.  For too long women have allowed men to take advantage of them: sexual, physical, and mental abuse.  For too long, men have been lead to believe that their behaviour is acceptable and they have been allowed to continue to be bullies, harassers, and aggressors.

Maybe this is a turning point for us all!  Where women say, “No more!  Enough is enough and now it is time for us to take responsibility and hold those men who have offended to be responsible!”

No, it is not acceptable for a man to make rude remarks to a woman!  No, it is not acceptable for a man to force himself on a woman!  Nor is it acceptable for a man to threaten to fire a woman if she refuses his advances!

Good for all of those women who are finally speaking out and coming forward!  Shame on those men who have been hiding for all of these years!  For you men!  Those days of you using your power and throwing your weight around in order to satisfy your unhealthy appetite are over!  We women are no longer afraid of the dark!

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