Mix and match

I wonder how possible would it really be to have a mix and match of the old and the new.  That is, the old days and the present time?  It may not be possible but for the dreamer that I have become, it really does not hurt to just stop for a bit and have some fun.

In my humble opinion, the old days were a time when attitudes of commitment and loyalty seemed to be stronger.  Things were simpler.  Politeness and courtesy seemed to be more a part of our society and respect and were an important part of our society’s fabric.

Some of this is still with us today but not quite enough and I am not very sure if technology and a quicker pace in our lives have anything to do with it.

True it is that we are unable to stop evolution; of technology, of attitudes, and of bigger and better techniques to improve the processes that help to run our lives and our society.  All well and good but what can we do to establish a balance of mix and match?

Are we just so busy that we have forgotten to include the basic building blocks in our lives today?  These being respect, courtesy, politeness, commitment, honesty, and loyalty?  Have our priorities changed to such an extent to that of a society that is wholly focused on using technology to get what we want forgetting to include the fundamentals of humanity?

Whatever happened to the famous quote from John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you!  Ask what you can do for your country!”  Have we become a non caring society and in so doing we have lost sight of what matters most?

These are just some of my ramblings for today.  Mix and match?  Maybe it is not a realistic dream on my part but no harm in continuing to hope is it?

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