Living with the cards dealt to us

It is my true belief that when we learn to accept the cards that have been dealt to us; then this would be the time when we are able to truly accept who we are and to concentrate on gathering and using the necessary resources in order to be happy and content.

For discovering who we really are is probably one of the most important pillars to leading a fulfilling life.  As soon as we discover our true inner identity then I think that we are then ready to embark on a meaningful existence.  If we are unable to accept the cards that have been dealt to us then we would not be able to discover our true identity and if we cannot discover our true identity then we will probably continue to flounder and stay lost.

We do not have any choice when it comes to the cards that we have been dealt.  That is, we do not choose our parents and our family and we do not choose the circumstances of our birth.  We do not choose the financial circumstances into which we are born; to rich parents, to parents who are poor financially, or parents who are hard working or to those who live lives of crime and unfortunate situations.

We do not choose whether or not we are born healthy or with or without a disability.  We do not choose our country or city of birth nor do we have any control as to what race we are at birth, our ethnicity, or our appearance.

These are the cards that we are dealt and the ones over which we have no control.  However from here on in, and as soon as we are able to think and reason for ourselves, the cards that we choose are the ones that will determine our fate and destiny.  Of course; fate may sometimes play tricks on us and throw us unexpected curve  balls which would force us to depend on the cards that we have been dealt in order to swim and not sink.

Just my two cents for today.

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