Let us come together and stand together – we need each other now

There is no time better than now for us to do exactly this!  No more excuses and no more reasons!  We have no reason at all!  We have no choice!  And if we care only about ourselves, then it is time for us to replace this selfish and greedy attitude with one where we care about our neighbours, our friends and family, but most of all; about the rest of the world!

Each time we visit a pharmacy or supermarket, let us buy just enough for what we need and stop over buying and hoarding.  For each time we over buy and hoard then it means that we are depriving our neighbours of being able to obtain what we have obtained.

Let us think of those seniors who either live on their own or reside in homes for seniors.  Let us think of those who live in special care homes; Let us think of those who are sick in hospitals or special care facilities.  They are depending on us who are able bodied to help them weather this awful storm!

So each time we visit a supermarket or pharmacy, let us remember to buy only what we need and nothing more.  The quicker we adopt this attitude then it will help to balance situations and improve ways to deal with this horrific virus.

We need to keep in mind that we owe it to our seniors to help protect and keep them safe.  For after all; we owe them an undying debt of gratitude and why? Because the only reason that we are here today is because of what they have done for us!  Our parents brought us into this world, gave us everything that we needed to live, and did the best that they could to love, nurture  and protect us.  Now it is our turn to repay this debt!

Let us not just try!  Let us just do it!  Phone our neighbours and friends and check up on them!  Do the same for our family and be especially mindful to our seniors!  Offer to help them get their groceries and medical needs!

Finally, and please!  Let us take responsibility for our own actions and not just leave it up to our leaders to do what is necessary.  Do not think that trying to profit from this situation is the right thing to do.  Let us follow the examples of those websites and outlets that are either blocking or limiting those who are attempting to take advantage of the more vulnerable.  Congrats to those who are being responsible citizens and shame on those who are not thinking correctly!

As they say: this too shall pass!

Just my two cents for today

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