Kids of yesterday and today – see how they have changed

There is one very important thing that kids from yesterday and today have in common and that is their love of toys and new gadgets.  Of course, I am sure that there are many more things that they do have in common but there is one major difference; the kids of today face many more challenges than the kids of yesterday.

For what it is worth, here are my comparisons.

Kids of today face many more choices when it comes to choosing anything from a career to the game that they play with.

Technology is more a part of their lives.

They seem less willing to move out of the home.

Opportunities to reach for the stars abound more.

They have more opportunities to travel the world and discover new horizons.

They are more influenced by their peers than their families.

So how about the kids of yesterday?

They socialized more via face to face then their counterparts of today.

Their careers were much more limited.

They seem to have many more responsibilities.

They communicated more with nature.

Their respect for elders and those in authority was much more.

Just my two cents for today.

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