How much longer should we wait? What’s the next excuse?

Ever since the Accessible Canada Act was made legal in July 2019,   Canadians with disabilities have been anxiously waiting for the Government to appoint the promised positions of Chief Accessibility Officer and Accessibility Commissioner.

This was well over two years ago and we are all wondering why these appointments have not been announced?  We are also wondering about the whereabout  of the Honourable Minister Carla Qualtrough as she has not been heard from for so very long!  We can only hope that she is okay and that soon these very important announcements will be made.

This waiting period is not acceptable and unless a very logical and reasonable explanation is given much sooner than later; the trust that we had in the Liberal Government which has already begun to erode will quickly disappear.

We are aware that calls for the two above positions were made in June 2021 and that some persons were even interviewed so what is the hold up?  What is the problem here?  What is really going on?

Canadians with disabilities deserve an answer now!  This is not acceptable and frankly it is a huge embarrassment to the Canadian Government and a big ugly mark against them!

We are fully aware that a lot is going on for the Government to deal with at the moment but surely!  Time could be found to deal with this and to fix it now!  Or are we seeing yet again how Canadians with disabilities are being treated?  Is this yet another example of a broken promise to Canadians with disabilities?

Just my two cents for today.

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