How accessible are those apps?

Like everything else; there are accessible apps and then there are accessible apps.  These days, apps are being developed by persons with a plethora of backgrounds.

We have developers, hobbyists, those doing it on the fly, and on and on we go.  We have those who truly understand the meaning of the words accessibility and usability and how to make their apps available to those persons with disabilities.

Then we have those who develop apps on the fly to meet the needs of a specific function or that of a niche market.  Then we have those who do it just to see if their creation will sell.

No matter what; it is not possible to control whether or not an app is developed with usability and accessibility in mind.  We can however expect that when Apple puts out an app, there is a certain degree of accessibility and usability built into it.  This is as far as we can expect.

There is no way to mandate app developers to include accessibility and usability into the creation and development of their apps and there is no way to force them to change present apps to include such.  All that we can do is to hope that they do indeed do and one way of doing this is for us to start raising awareness of the benefits for apps that are made accessible and usable.

What kind of benefits are we thinking of?  Primarily to a wider range of consumers: seniors, those with disabilities, and those who did not grow up in the age of technology.  our population is aging rapidly, something that is not going to change so we might as well adjust to this fact and use it to increase accessibility and usability.

Just my two cents for today.

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