Different worlds – the sighted and the blind

I think that for today I am going to say that when it comes to a perceived lack of understanding between generations, and between the sighted and non sighted world, much of the problem could just probably stem from what we would refer to as two different worlds.

Of course, there may be other reasons but to me it may be the easiest reason or excuse.  When it comes to different generations; we may want to blame it on the age gap or age difference.  For why else then do we often see a lack of understanding between generations?  More precisely, for such things as a lack of appreciation for values, commitment, dedication, and more?

When it comes to the differing worlds between the sighted and non sighted world; it may be that the problem could lie in the walk a mile in my shoes syndrome.  The sighted world does not understand the non sighted world simply because they are not blind or vision impaired and on the other hand the non sighted world does not understand the sighted world because of the same reason.

When one has never experienced a certain circumstance it may come down to saying that it would be hard to assume and expect that one cannot understand if one has not experienced.

They often say that age normally brings reason; so then should we expect that these two different worlds would change once this new generation grows up?  And in the case of the sighted versus the non sighted world, it may be a bit more to expect as there are both artificial and real barriers for us to consider.

Just my two cents for today.

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