Could the good old days return?

In response to this question the overwhelming answer may be a resounding no and more than likely this would be correct.  However, it does not hurt to ask once in  a while.

For me, I sometimes wish that they could return.  How often do I yearn for the days when things were that much simpler.  When I did not have to endure impolite customer service, long waits in line-ups or on the pone, sky rocketing prices at the supermarkets, uncertainty on the streets in the  city where I live, long waits at the airport, and on and on.

It would be remiss for me to say that some things have not improved since those good old days but on the whole I sometimes cannot help but wish for their return.

This is what it is all about.  The evolution of technology continues to improve our lives in so many ways but ask any senior citizen such as my mom and she may not readily agree.  She would probably say that she wishes that the good old days would indeed return because in those times things were simpler for her.  She did not have to deal with all of the new technology and bother too much about having to go out there and learn as fast as she could.

So, could the good old days return?  I am afraid not; we could only look back and remember.

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