Computer dumb and Math disabled

One of the things that really annoy me these days is when someone in their 20s or even 30s refers to those who are 60 years older and up as computer dumb.  It’s not a very nice comment to make of one’s parents or even those who are in this age bracket.  It is rude, disrespectful, and frankly downright unacceptable.

They may be what I would describe as catching up to computer technology and it all has to do with the fact that they did not grow up in the age of computers, social media, and IT technology but please let us be honest here!

So many of those in their 20s and even some in their 30s and definitely those born after the year 2000 are math disabled and why would I make such a comment?  Very simple indeed!  Ask them to do a simple math problem; add, subtract, or multiply or find a percentage and guess what?    They struggle embarrassingly to do it either in their heads or on paper.  Instead, they either pull out their calculators or cell phones and then depend on technology to do it for them.

Ask them to give you their mailing addresses, or the phone number of a friend, family member, or even their own phone number and guess what?  They need to consult with their cell phones to retrieve said numbers.    Again, their mental ability to recall the above is sadly missing and they need to depend on technology to do it for them.

Ask them to construct proper sentences that are grammatically correct or void of spelling errors and I will tell you that they struggle to do so and why?  Because they are so used to sending text messages with abbreviations that both their spelling and literacy skills are never called upon to be put to the test.

Yes!  You can definitely tell that I am not a happy camper today and all that I am saying is that the next time one of those smart mouthed younger ones dares to refer to their elders as computer dumb, take a long hard look in the mirror and see where you continue to fall woefully short!

There is much that each group can learn from each other.

Just my two cents for today.

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