Comparing generations

It may not be a fair comparison but I am going to try anyway.  Sometimes I cannot but help myself but I know that I am not the only one.

Suffice it to say that my generation grew up in an entirely different era to the one after me and now the millennium generation.  Then many would argue that the generation after me also grew up in a different era to our present millennium generation.

All of this is perfectly true but for the purpose of this editorial, I am going to compare the eras of my generation to the millennium generation.  I am also going to state here that my comments are not meant as criticisms in any way.  They are simply my observations.

So here goes!

In the case of technology: My generation did not grow up with it; no i devices, no cell phones, no Internet, no texting and emails, no social media.  No digital or electronic technology, no laptops.  CDs had just started to appear on the scene.  We still had cassettes and records.  Yes, TV was around but the radio still played a big part in our lives and face to face socializing was very popular.

In the case of the millenniums; they seem to have been born with all of these items in their cradles or if not they were given them at a very early age.  Face to face socializing has been replaced with virtual socializing.  Calculators and spell checks have replaced the old fashioned way of learning how to do one’s mental arithmetic and spell.

Family time has been replaced for the most part with hanging out with peers and friends.  Traveling the world has become a fashion rather than a luxury and the world seems to have gotten so much smaller thanks to such things as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media.

Faxes and cables are now old hat so to speak and online banking and shopping have squeezed out shopping around in the malls.

Communicating with Mother Nature seems to have been a thing in the past to be replaced now with arcades and playing with video games.

Card games among friends?  Not very popular nowadays!  Good old entertainment on those wintry or rainy nights in the family room?  Almost gone but not quite forgotten!  Vacations at the beach with the family!  Nowadays it is those fast pace tours around Europe and Asia.

Two different worlds and I still yearn for mine but I also embrace today’s globe.

Just my two cents for today.

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