Chasing the illusive rainbow – don’t give up!

I don’t think that anyone would disagree when it comes to chasing that beautiful but illusive rainbow!  Ah yes!  Beautiful, mesmorizing, filled with dreams, hopes, and expectations!  Just beyond our fingertips but yet we keep chasing it!

I am not sure why this is so in my case and the only lingering defence that I can offer is that as one who is constantly seeking hope and better than positive, I keep chasing this beautiful bow!

I still remember what a beautiful rainbow looks like!  Despite them being so rare to see, I can remember seeing them about three distinctive times in my life!

The first time was when I was standing next to my dad on a beach and he told me to look towards the ocean and there it was!  A beautiful large rainbow filled with those magnificent colours and dad told me to make a wish and this I did!

I still remember that momentous day when I made my childlike wish; that dad and mom would always be there to guard and guide me!  Then came the second time when I was seated in a rocking chair on the patio of my family’s home!

I had inadvertently looked up at the sky and there it was!  As large as life and huge and so very wonderful!  I remembered to make a wish but before I could finish my thought the rainbow had disappeared leaving me to catch my breath!

Then the third time was when I saw it once more while standing on the balcony of my condo.  This time my beloved rainbow stayed around for about two minutes and as I gazed up lovingly at it I could only wish and hope for a better future for our kids!

I even managed to complete my wish; that tomorrow would be a better one!  More laughter and smiles!  No more war and more fun toys for girls and boys!  No more poverty and fresh clean air and water for Humans, birds, animals, and fishes of the sea!

Then my beautiful rainbow was gone and as the tears trickled down my cheeks I thank God for my beautiful rainbow.

Just my two cents for today.

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