Call the number on your screen

Sometimes it is easy to understand why creators of commercials and announcers during newscasts may not remember to announce the phone numbers that they wish you to call when necessary.  They either forget or simply do not understand that there are those of us who are unable to read these numbers because of being print disabled.

Okay; but when these commercials are being aired on behalf of those agencies for persons who are blind, vision impaired, and deaf/blind, this is not acceptable.

I humbly submit that in these cases, it is not just an embarrassment, it is also insulting, disrespectful, and borders on humiliation.  Here are these agencies going out there and asking for the public to donate to their worthy cause but alas!  Almost all of their clients are unable to read the number and there is no audio equivalent.  Dare I ask if this a very subtle message to their clients not to donate then?

Then there are certain government departments that air commercials asking viewers to call in order to obtain more info but alas!  There is no accommodation made for those who are unable to read the phone number on the screen.  Dare I ask if these departments simply do not care about whether or not persons who are print disabled are unable to read the phone number?

I really hope that this problem is addressed much sooner than later because I am very serious when I say that one day very soon some very creative thinker may easily think of using this glitch to mount a worthy legal complaint against these organizations and departments.

Just my two cents for today.

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