Both sides of technology

I often smile whenever I hear someone like my mom saying that left up to her she would simply prefer to be left alone to read her magazines in the good old way; just sitting there and reading the hard copy.

Then you have the younger folks who are never bored to be able to communicate through their i devices.  They simply enter into another world when they are left alone to text, facetime, tweet, go onto Facebook, and take advantage of social media.

There are definitely two sides of technology; the one where followers embrace anything and everything that evolution produces and the other side where there are those who prefer to remain in their comfort’s zone.

Having a mom who is not afraid to express her opinion and being who I am, the one who embraces evolution while at the same time doing my best to understand both sides, I do indeed understand.

Our world has changed drastically in the past decade and more changes are going to come our way whether we like it or not.  Some may find it a refreshing experience while others may find that it is like a tidal wave coming like a freight train to engulf them.

Whatever it is, there are definitely two sides of technology.

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