A wish list for 2021 – how much of it will come true?

Some of my wishes may be repeat ones but that’s okay.  Others may be new ones and that’s okay too.  Of course, at the top of my wish list is for Covid-19 to simply go away and leave us alone.  We need to rid our poor old world of this scourge and to rebuild.  But down to business now.

The next wish on my wish list would be for all levels of government to start including the input and expertise of Canadians with disabilities.  It is time for government and organizations to stop working for us and instead work with us.  Stop excluding us at round tables especially those focusing on Covid-19 related matters.

I wish for our voices to be better heard.  Stop paying us lip service and let’s walk the walk together.

My next wish would be for Governments and organizations to stop taking advantage of our unique and specialized expertise and skills.  I have decided to make this my personal mission; To convince governments and organizations that taking advantage of us in this manner is simply embarrassing, shameful, and downright mean!

Demanding that we provide our services voluntarily is no longer acceptable.  I am not saying that we should not continue to make voluntary contributions but there comes a time when voluntary contributions need to be replaced by monetary compensation.  The days of using the excuse that our names will be placed on articles and papers submitted in return for the sharing of our specialized knowledge and skills are no longer acceptable let alone be an excuse.

I wish that requesters would simply stop offering such bribes as Tim Horton’s and similar types of coupons to us in return for our knowledge and skills.  This is simply shameful and horrible and needs to stop now.

Another wish on my list is that governments and organizations need to stop depending on those so-called accessibility experts to assist them in the design and development of their training programs, websites, software, and hardware.  Too many times these so-called experts are nothing more than wood-be experts who do not have any idea when it comes to understanding the true meaning of accessibility let alone to know how to implement the necessary strategies and processes.

I can only wish can’t I?  I can only hope that we see some meaningful strides when it comes to my wish list.

Just my two cents for today.

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