Ask an Author – September 2021 – When the Classroom Calls

A close-cropped photo of two light-skinned young men sitting together at a desk, collaborating on a laptop. In the background are other students, also working together.I truly believe that one of the hash marks of the month of September is almost always about the classroom. For it is the time when so many of us think of either returning to the classroom as a matured student or even trying it out for the first time.

For me, this is a strategy that I have used over the years with quite a bit of success. Even though I may or may not actually attend a class, I use this strategy to think of ways for me to learn new things, generate new ideas, and give birth to new thoughts and projects and initiatives.

I place myself in a classroom setting then I proceed to be the student listening to the teacher at the head of the class. I think of others seated around me. Some taking notes while others listen intently. I try to do both.

Desks are filled with students who definitely want to be in the classroom. There are a variety of devices adorning desks; iPhones, iPads, laptops, and even notebooks and pens.

The trick to using this strategy is that it helps to expand the mind and wake up the imagination. Why? Because it can help you to imagine what you would like to learn more about. What you would like to hear more about. What you would like to share more about. Most of all; the exchanging of ideas that will help you to come up with new initiatives for your next blog, editorial, article, or story.

Give this strategy a good old college try! It works for me!

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