Ask an Author – October 2023 – Thanksgiving Time

Golden letters spell out "THANKFUL" across a wooden table, around which are clustered delicate paper cutouts of acorns, autumn leaves, and pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Time

This is probably one of my favourite times of the year and the time when somehow I am
able to find a way to clear my writer’s block of cobwebs and clutter. It is a time for me to
give Thanks for all of my blessings and as I walk along crunching those fallen leaves
under foot, I am able to start drumming up new ideas and new thoughts.

I am offering this strategy to you as a way to recharge and refresh your mind, imagination, and creative juices. Just think of it like this! Fresh cool fall breezes circling around your hair and face! The sound of leaves crunching under your feet as you walk. Hockey season has begun. Baseball season is filled with world series games. Football season is on the way.
And let us not forget those fantastic fall colours! A plethora of shades of red, yellow, and orange all inter mingling with each other.

I continue to use this particular strategy at this time of the year and now I am sharing it with you. As you prepare to celebrate your Canadian Thanksgiving, think also of your Thanksgiving table loaded with turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, and apple and pumpkin pie. Above all, let’s give Thanks for all of our blessings!

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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