Ask an Author – October 2021 – Thanksgiving Time

A view from above of a dinner table laid out with a massive Thanksgiving feast and places set around the table. At each place setting, a pair of hands is visible, and each person is holding hands with the people next to them.

It’s Thanksgiving time in Canada and in the blink of an eye it would also be Thanksgiving in America! It is the time for hope and expectations and we can certainly use this time to spark our imaginations and creative juices. Each year, I have used this old reliable strategy to help me overcome any fall blues; that is, dealing with the loss of sunshine and getting ready for the oncoming winter.

I like to call this strategy “old reliable” and especially now as we continue to climb out of the Covid grip, we need a tonic like this to help us.

Yes! Hope and expectations! Two very important ingredients to include in our bag of tools at this time of the year! Hope reigns eternal and expectations abound! So let’s take advantage of it all!

So let’s go out there and try my “old reliable” strategy. Let’s help each other to find success!

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