Ask an Author – November 2021 – Using the Holiday Season

A close-cropped photo of someone's feet, covered in colourful knitted Christmas-themed socks, propped up on a coffee table in front of a fire in a fireplace. Also on the coffee table is a mug in a knitted cozy.

Ah yes! Another holiday season is upon us and we are all wondering what holiday season 2021 is going to be like? I think that this would be a perfect time for me to bring out my using the holiday season strategy to help wake my slumbering imagination and to give a kick start to my creative juices.

This strategy is one that I use every year. Especially at this time as the fall season brings darker days where the sun sets earlier. There are many of us who have difficulty dealing with shorter daylight days during the fall but let’s find ways to wake the slumbering imagination and teetering creative juices.

We need to think of the holiday season just ahead. This great time of the year when we rejoice, smile more broadly, sing more loudly and with more gusto, and find ways to give more to the less fortunate. In short, the time of year when we use our imagination to bring good cheer and great tidings to those around us.

I urge you to try this proven strategy and see how amazingly well it works.

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