Ask an Author – May 2018 – Creating During the Merry Month of May

Creating During the Merry Month of May

Believe me when I tell you that you can definitely use the month of May to help you do such things as stimulate your imagination, replenish your creative juices, and give a huge jump start to your writing.

Just think of this! Fragrances of those colorful blooms. The fresh smell of cut grass. Cool breezes wafting through the windows of your home and ruffling your face and touching your cheeks as you walk. Then there is the feel of a warm spring sun shining down on you and o yes! Let us not forget the sights and sounds of singing birds, and those delicate butterflies flitting from petal to petal.

There is so much to the month of May when it comes to combining ingredients into a large salad bowl. Give the bowl a robust shake and then set it down on your kitchen table. Then stand back, breathe easily, and presto! It is the perfect tonic to recharge, recreate, and renew.

This is the time of year when mother nature resurrects her wonders and sends them forth to help you refresh your thoughts, mind, and imagination.

You owe it to yourself to give this strategy a try.

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