Ask an Author – March 2021 – Those Earthy Smells

A cup of latte coffee sits on a wooden sill in front of a rain-spattered window.I have a perfect tonic for you to explore and discover during these challenging Covid times.

It’s funny but there are many who say that March is probably one of the most important months when it comes to waking up from a long hard winter and preparing to kick start new initiatives and ideas.

I could not agree more and there are so many suggestions for you to consider. One of mine is using earthy smells to help me wake up and to start generating new ideas and new initiatives.

I have used the earthy smells strategy for several years now and here’s how it works.

First, earthy smells are generated through the falling of rain upon earth. Next earthy smells occur when fresh grass starts to grow. Then there is the gentle awakening of mother nature and her abundance of wonders; flowers starting to peep out and trees beginning to sprout new leaves.

Believe me when I tell you that all of these activities generate earthy smells. All you need to do is to pay close attention. Just allow these smells to filter through to your nostrils. Take the time to inhale deeply and concentrate with gusto.

You would be amazed to discover how these natural smells can awaken your drowsy imagination and put sparks to your creative juices.
This is what I call using nature’s natural perfume to its fullest.
Give this a try!

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