Ask an Author – March 2020 – Using Early Smells of Spring

A child with curly golden hair buries their face in a giant sunflower.

I can definitely testify that this strategy has been one of my most affective strategies as an author. The early smells of spring are always somehow able to wake up my sleepy imagination and give my creative juices an early jump start.

So, which smells do I favour? For what it is worth, here are a few of my favourite ones:
An earthy smell just before a rain shower.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
Fresh cool spring breezes wafting around me.
The smell of clean spring and summer clothing being taken out of storage.
Believe it or not, laundry detergent!

I strongly recommend that you give this strategy a close look and try.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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