Ask an Author – March 2019 – Preparing Your Imagination with the Coming of Spring

Two ladybugs drink from a dewdrop.I can definitely tell you that there is no shortage of ingredients that you can use when it comes to sparking your imagination and creative juices with regard to the coming of spring.

Let’s think of it like this; you are almost at the end of a long, tedious, challenging, and somewhat brutal winter. You are just so darn tired of seeing nothing but trees clothed in white or with branches that are void of greenery. The birds are scarce as they are still waiting for better weather. The flowers are huddling below ground and the days are just now beginning to get longer.

So what to do? Well, why not use your imaginations to kick start the creative juices. Time to start dreaming and really doing your best to push these dreams.

Use your senses of sight, smell, and even taste to help lead the charge. Start buying magazines that highlight spring fashions and activities. Start searching for fragrances that remind you of spring; such as rose, lavender, and fruit smells. Start thinking of preparing foods that could remind you of spring. Dishes that are slight snacks as an example.

I have found this strategy to be extremely effective and I encourage you to give it a try.

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