Ask an Author – June 2021 – Graduations and Proms

A photo of a crowd of young people wearing formal suits and dresses, walking away from the camera.

Ah yes! This is one of my favourite strategies and it does not matter that the world is still being limited by Covid! It does not matter that graduations and proms are being scaled down or that they are being rescheduled. This is the time of year when all kinds of dreams are either realized or born.

It is the time of year when young hearts beat with anticipation and why not? So why not use this time of the year to galvanize our imaginations to create new dreams, develop existing ones, or to simply dream?

I use this strategy every year. To recreate, to wake up, to generate, and as a whole to give my imagination and creative juices a so-called kick in the pants. It works!

We can look at this as the high school and college and university youngsters leading the way with their enthusiasm, hopes, expectations, and dreams!
Time to take advantage of this natural annual progression.

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