Ask an Author – July 2018 – How About a Boat Cruise?

How About a Boat Cruise?

I can definitely tell you that if you ever have an opportunity to go on any type of boat cruise, believe me when I tell you that this type of outing can certainly help to recharge your battery and spark your creative juices.

Just picture yourself sitting on the deck of a ship! The cool fresh sea breeze is blowing right into your face! The strong clean smell of ocean is all around you and there is only you on the deck and why! Because it is very early in the morning and as you look out to sea this is what you see!

Just ocean all around! Deep blue sea water lapping around your ship and small waves rolling by. You start scanning the horizon to see if you can spot any other ships and o yes! You see at least one or two in the distance! They seem to be at anchor but you are not sure! You keep on scanning and soon you spot a flock of gulls gliding by and surprise of all! You even see some fish far out in the distance jumping in the waves.

The early morning is very quiet and peaceful and as you sit there you quickly find yourself starting to nod off. Not a bad thing because soon enough your mind starts to relax and then it begins to roam and search.

You allow your mind and imagination free reign and they do just that. A great feeling and soon seconds of this process stretch into minutes and before you know it you realize that you have been sitting in a very relaxed position for well over an hour.

You bring yourself back to reality, stretch, and then slowly rise out of your chair and start walking back to your cabin. For some reason you find yourself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You enter your cabin and now you are fully awake and reenergized.

You are now ready to start your day and you soon find yourself eager and ready to put pen to paper.

On your next cruise, give this strategy a try!

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