Ask an Author – January 2022 – Making the Most of a Winter’s Day

A close-up photo of someone holding their gloved hands up to the sunset. Their fingers are position to make a heart shape through which the sunlight glows.

I know; there are many who may simply brush this strategy aside because they would not think of using a dreary winter’s day to help them spark their imagination and wake up their creative juices. However, I am here to confirm to you that this strategy has worked for me over the years and continues to do so.

There is nothing more refreshing than being able to take a walk on a dreary winter’s day. To feel a cold fresh wind blowing robustly across your face. To hear your boots crunching on a mixture of crisp snow and ice. To feel the snowflakes falling gently on your head.

Or you can certainly help yourself to an imagination renewal by taking time to enjoy some winter silence around you which will help you to recharge and unclutter your mind. Or how about this! Watching the squirrels rush around in the snow?

This is what I call making the most of a winter’s day! Give this strategy a good old college try!

Just think of the sound of snow crunching under foot as you walk and I guarantee that this will be a happy sound to your ear!

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