Ask an Author – January 2021 – Watching the Snowflakes Go By

A close-cropped photo of the panes of a window, through which a blurry but snowy outdoor scene can be made out.No; this is not a strategy that I would call boring and often non effective. As a matter of fact, if used in the right way it can turn out to be extremely dynamic and exciting.

The best way to use this strategy is of course on a day when the snowflakes are coming down fast and heavy. You need to either sit or stand in front of a window so as to get a ring side seat of those snowflakes of all sizes chasing each other down the pane of your window or out there in the cold falling helter skelter from the skies.

You need to assume perfect silence. Nothing else to think about but those snowflakes out there putting on a show for you. Concentrate on the hundreds of these winter treats simply inviting you to open up your imagination to them.

Think of these winter treats as pieces of encouragement to snap open your creative juices. To help your imagination to explore as yet undiscovered corners of your creativity. You can start by writing a very short description of what you are seeing then graduate from there to a bit of poetry!

I have used this strategy many times with very unexpected and exciting results.
So why not go out there and give it a try?

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