Ask an Author – January 2020 – Using a Brisk Walk in the Snow

A lone figure walks among bare trees on a snow-covered hill under a glaring winter sun.

Trust me when I tell you that this strategy is not nearly as painful as you may think. I have used it many times and 99% of the time it has worked for me.

I have been an author since 1998 and a brisk walk In the snow works for anything that you write. From articles and blogs to editorials and newsletters and from plays to books and a lot more.

This strategy works because of the cool fresh air, the beauty of snow all around you, and the quietude that all combine to do such things as wake up one’s brain, stimulate the imagination, and restart the creative juices.

Your brisk walk need not be too long; anything from just a few minutes and if you are in the mood a longer one. Just be sure that your walk is brisk and lively and that you can feel your body respond to the natural elements.

I’ll share one more thing with you! Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau used this strategy to determine his future. He took a brisk walk in the snow on a very wintry night in February during a vicious winter storm in Ottawa, Canada, and it sure worked for him!

Best time to try this strategy would be late evening or early night time.
So why not go out there and try my strategy for this month?

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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