Ask an Author – February 2020 – Using Hot Drinks to Find Comfort

A hot mug of lemon tea is wrapped in a knitted cozy and nestled in a bundle of soft knitted fabric.

This is probably one of the oldest strategies for me and this is how I take advantage of it.

First, I choose one of my favourite flavours which could be anything from orange or lemon to chocolate or strawberry.

Next I boil my water and then I pour my flavour into it. It could be a tea bag, powder, or anything that brings a flavour to my drink.

Next I make sure that the flavour is stirred well into my mug and then the final step is to sit quietly in my kitchen or family room.

Then I place both hands around my mug of very warm liquid and soon my creative juices start bubbling and my imagination starts to wake up!

I have found great success with this particular strategy and have produced some of my best blogs and articles.

Best time to use this? Early morning or late evening.
So why not go out there and try my strategy for this month?

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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