Ask an Author – December 2021 – Hope Reigns Eternal

A photo of a pair of light-skinned hands holding a heart-shaped stone up to the sky. On the stone is carved the word 'hope.'

This is one of my favourite go to strategies whenever I find myself struggling for air. That is, whenever I find myself struggling to start my creative juices and no better time to use this tried and proven strategy than at this time of the year.

Time and time again I have used this strategy because when I find myself struggling to deal with shorter days and longer nights; the hope reigns eternal strategy comes to my rescue.

This is so because of a reduction of sunlight hours and we need to use more so-called man power or brute strength to help our imaginations and creative juices to stay awake an productive.

It works! I can assure you of this! Ah yes! Hope does indeed reign eternal!

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