Ask an Author – December 2019 – The Smells of a Holiday Season

Holiday-themed cookie cutters, unshelled hazelnuts, star anise, and dried orange slices all sit together on a wooden table top, dusted in icing sugar.Trust me when I tell you that one of my favourite strategies is to use the smells of a holiday season to help get my creative juices pumped and my imagination generated. I simply love to inhale the sweet fragrances of pine and apples, cinnamon and candied fruit. The smell of holiday goodies baking; cookies and cake and o yes! The scent of new clothes and yes! Wrapping paper!

I simply allow all of these scents and fragrances to take control of my sense of smell and before I know it! My creative juices have awakened and my imagination is crowded with loads of ideas!

I also love to enjoy the fragrances of perfumes, body lotions and soaps, and body powder. These have a very special effect on me. They help to free up space in my mind so that I can think more clearly and freely. They help to clear up clutter and create much needed areas of emptiness for me to utilize.

Ah yes! The smells of a holiday season and I strongly recommend that you try this strategy.

Best time to try this strategy would be mid morning or late afternoon.
So why not go out there and try my strategy for this month?

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