Ask an Author – August 2021 – Blue Skies and White Clouds

A photo of a vast green field under bright blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds.

Despite the present travel restrictions I truly believe that this strategy can help to benefit you in so many ways. It sure helped me last year to keep my imagination ticking along during the lock down and it will help again this year.

How so?
Well, it can help you to focus more affectively.
It can help you to retain your memories of happy days spent in happy places.
On outdoor patios sharing yummy meals with friends and family.
On back decks and in backyards just relaxing.
In parks just enjoying the scenery.
On sandy beaches.

This is another way for you to not just refresh your imagination and to replenish your creative juices! It is a way for you to also take Covid off your shoulders.

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