Ask an Author – August 2019 – Thinking of a Calm Ocean

A photo of the beautiful ocean, stretching out to the horizon, with sparkles of sunlight on soft waves.Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing more exciting when you are able to use the presence of a calm ocean to help rejuvenate your imagination and refresh your creative juices. I have used this strategy so many times in the summer and sometimes I can even use it in the winter by simply thinking about it.

So let us try to create the picture for you. There is a very calm ocean. It can be either blue or green in colour and it stretches for as long as you can see it. That is, it goes well beyond the horizon.

The surface is as smooth as glass and if it is early morning then you can see a golden sunrise intermingling with the calm ocean. Or if it is late evening then you can see a pink sunset sitting just above the surface.

If it is during the day then the calm ocean can have a cover of blue skies above with white clouds chasing each other around.

Every now and then the surface of this calm ocean could be temporarily broken by fish jumping to catch a bird or birds diving beneath the surface to catch a fish in turn. Or there could be tiny ripples as some sea creature swims by.

This is a picture of your calm ocean but wait! There is more! Let us not forget the sounds of birds chirping as they too admire the glassy surface as they fly by, or swimmers simply swimming peacefully, and then there are the fresh unspoiled smells of ocean breezes.

Give this strategy a try!

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