Ask an Author – April 2021 – Splashing Sounds

A close-up photo of cool blue water splashing into itself, sending a spray of droplets into the air.Never mind the present Covid choke hold: Here is where your imagination can help you!

You’re probably wondering how splashing sounds can help to stimulate your creative juices or your sleepy imagination. This is a strategy that has worked for me over the years and I am happy to share with you.

This is a strategy that utilizes your sense of hearing. It pokes at your imagination and helps to bring images into your mind. What kind of splashing sounds am I telling you about?

First off; you don’t need to necessarily leave the comfort of your home in order to find splashing sounds. Something as simple as creating splashing sounds while you sit in your bath tub. Or you can do this while washing your dishes. Or you can even do it by sitting with a container of water and then using your fingers to create splashing sounds.

You can even do it with your feet if you place them in a large container of water, then sit down and place your feet in the container. The rest is easy; just create those gentle splashing sounds with your feet.

Try this strategy and tell me what you think!

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